Quality is the right environmental choice!


There is a growing awareness being made by manufacturers of Kayaks right now that they are doing their best for the environment, some are using what they claim to be renewable material such as bamboo, some are saying their ovens for plastic molding are super energy efficient, but at the end of the day a kayak that lasts a long time must be the winning planet saving choice.

Since 2009 we run our own photovoltaic-processor on the roof of our storehouse. With this processor we produce a part of the needed electricity for our production egologically. Environmentally friendly produced electricity fits well for environmentally friendly produced kayaks.

The Material and the manufacturing process of Prijon-HTP-kayaks are egologically acceptable. HTP is groundwater-neutral and food-safe. Both stabilizers and color batches are from organic origin and free of heavy metals.


For example in Sweden our Partner James Venimore has been selling Prijon kayaks now for over 20 years. In fact James started with Prijon some 25 years ago working in the factory, and back then one of his jobs was the night shift blow molding kayaks. One of the tasks was to take the off cuts and put them through the grinder to be recycled into the next kayak. So even back then there was some thought into how to save material and create as little waste as possible, even though back then the environmental question was much smaller.


Sending back a Prijon kayak that was worn out or no longer wanted has always been an option. We would strip it of all parts, cut it on the band saw, and feed the pieces into the grinder that then feeds it into a storage silo as recycled material. According to Toni Prijon this happens only “very rarely”.

This is primarily due to the blow molded plastic that has a higher “E” rating for strength in comparison to rotation molded plastic products and is proven in the durability when you just look at the second hand prices for a Prijon against the competing brands. But we can also look at what else gives our kayaks a long life:

A common comment at test days where folk try our kayaks and often competing models on the market, is “wow this is really comfortable”, a key factor for paddling a lot and long periods. Cheaper brands often skip the padded seats, adjustable knee supports and often go for the cheapest rudder / skeg solution so as they are simply priced cheap. Not so with Prijon, comfort is a key element, and any one who has paddled an open section of water for more than 5 hours will tell you, it is vital. If not you wont want to do it again. So it must be the same if you paddle for leisure, the more you will use it, the more likely you wont want to sell it, change or upgrade, after all the kayak you have paddles well, but is also very comfortable and you enjoy the time on the water.

…but, there is a dilemma with the Prijon kayaks, folk have them for a long long time and really do not need to change them. For example James from Sweden has one kayak that is 18 years old. He bought it back from photographer Claes Grundsten, because he wanted it to show even though she had a tough life she is still full functional and her hull lines are as straight as the day she was born.


So really what makes an environmentally friendly kayak, one that is made of renewable materials and can be recycled, or one that lasts for a long long time, it can be passed on for generations. Seems we – PRIJON – have the answer to both.


Thanks to James Venimore/Kajaktiv for the text.

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